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Global Health Paradigm: Pride of Haiti

Despite all the turbulent times in Haiti marked by violence, poverty, hunger, crime and death, there is still a bright light burning in some Haitians. Unlike our politicians and mega-rich businessmen, the Global Health Paradigm, Inc is a group of healthcare professionals who voluntarily donate their services to people all over Haiti. With minimum resources, this organization has done more in the past few years than most politicians have done in their lives.

Global Health Paradigm is a non-profit public charity that works with many Haitian healthcare workers to provide FREE medical, dental, education and social services to the underserved and underrepresented people of Haiti. They provide compassionate care to all those who are in need of medical and social help. The global health paradigm was founded by Becky who is a trained nurse. She had previously volunteered in many countries and felt it in her heart that something similar should be made available for the people of Haiti. Using her own resources, she contacted other healthcare professionals who were willing to donate time and money to establish the organization, which is now in its 3rd year.

Over the past 3 years, the team has made two major volunteer trips to help the poor, underrepresented and forgotten people of Haiti. To ensure that they have resources and money, the Organization has partnered with Universite D’Etudes International, Haiti Health Project and Ethnicity and Disease Research Center.
Just a few months ago, the group provided free dental and medical help to over 700 people in the towns of Ricor, and Torbeck.
Global Health Paradigm is always looking for volunteers and donors no matter where they reside. The organization is always short of medical and dental supplies and will accept any donations. Healthcare professionals from across the globe are invited to visit their web-page and even come to Haiti when they go for the next trip.

Global health Paradigm is a blessing in disguise for many people of haiti. Even in our darkest moments, there are some people who are willing to help others

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