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The true “Colors” of outgoing President Martelly

The true “Colors” of outgoing President Martelly

Haiti is in a major recession with thousands of young people unemployed, many people have no food to eat, hundreds of children do not have money to attend school, there are no jobs, the country is beset with violence, there is rampant political corruption, but at least we know that our “musician” president is going out in style- spending millions of dollars on a concert while millions starve.

A few days ago, the president and his son organized a very expensive concert which was performed by lil Wayne and Chris Brown. The reported fee that these two artists received is nearly $1,000,000 – yes, one million American dollars- from a country where the masses do not even make one dollar a day and usually starve.

Throughout his tyrannical and incompetent reign, Martelly and his cronies have used public money to live the good life. This particular president has shown no remorse or sympathy for the people of Haiti. Which is more important? Music for the people or food/shelter for the people? He has continued to spend money like it is water. Not an ounce of empathy knowing the current socioeconomic state of the country.

With the election less than 6 months away, his son organized this mega concert and yet within a few weeks, there will be thousands of expat Haitians being forced to return from the Dominican Republic. But does Martelly care? No, of course not- he never has. From the beginning he has been involved in corrupt schemes only to enrich himself and his family. Why the need to spend money on two American hip hop artists when people are actually starving in Haiti is a mystery.

The concert was held in the central square but no one knew the exact details about the payment. Most Haitians thought that these two American artists were doing the concert for free from the goodness of their heart, but now we learn that this is not so-they were paid each. Not only that, the artists were flown in a private jet, with security measures, stayed at the elite hotels and the total price tag was close to $3 million. Said Martelly’s son, Olivier, it was money well spent.

Where the money came from is known but as usually Matrelly and his gang said that it was through sponsorships and his family foundation. No one has any access to the government coffers except Martelly.

One simply has to walk in downtown Port au Prince and see the abysmal way people live. Children with no food or water, many young people hungry, tired, desperate for a job and with no money and yet the president thinks paying musicians $3 million is a better deal than doing something for the poor Haitian. What is even more bizarre is that the present elections being held in Haiti are still lacking funds. The major part of the funding has been provided from political organizations and foundations from the USA. Why does Martelly think that paying musicians is more important than actually doing something more important for Haiti?

There are continuing reports on Olivier Martelly and his legal problems. He has been sued for illegally benefitting from the corrupt regimen his father, the president, has run for the past 5 years. The entire family has been involved in illegal schemes like siphoning money out of the country. Ill-gotten gains seem to be a trade mark of the Martelly family.

Yet in spite of the fierce criticism on the social media, Olivier Martelly thinks that the concert will boost tourism and bring Haiti to prominence on the world map. All this is nonsense. The way Haiti is moving along with crime, corruption and poverty, the only tourists we are likely to see are our unfortunate citizens who have just been kicked out of the Dominican Republic. The guy is delusional and hallucinating, probably inhaling some bad “grass” in his neighborhood.

To make matters worse, the president himself got on stage and said “fuck off” to the concert goers. How this man ever came to be president of Haiti is a real mystery. The Man has no morals. For Haitians, it is important to know that they have the power to change their lives. They can do this by voting this incompetent buffoon out and bring in someone with intelligence. Someone who will care more about the people than some hip hop artists from America. Despite being millionaires, neither lil Wayne or Chris Brown has ever done a thing for Haiti-not even contributed a dime. Time for Haitians to get their act together and get rid of the Martelly clan.

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