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Who is Claude Bonivert?



Bonivert Claude is the former governor of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti. He was a presidential candidate in 2000 and is running again for the presidency. Born in Feb 1945, Claude received most of his education in Haiti. He graduated from the faculty of law and economics from the State university of Haiti in 1967 and then obtained most education in economic and public finances at the IMF in Washington, DC. He then went on to work and obtained more training at the Federal Reserve Bank in NY and the Federal Reserve System in Washington DC.

Upon returning to Haiti, Claude was hired by the national bank of the Republic of Haiti in 1966 and then slowly went up the ladder, where he finally became governor of the bank. During his long banking career, Claude has served various ministries in the government. In 1994, he was elected president of the conference of central banks of Latin American and Africa for one term. Fed up with the state of the country, he first ran for the Haiti presidency in 2000 election, when Jean Bertrand Aristides won in a controversial election. Claude was then names by the renovated social party to run for president of Haiti in 2005.


Asides from his career in the finance sector, Claude has also been a pioneer in creating Ècole de Formation des Cadres Techniques et Commerciaus- a private education center with many levels of education. He has served as a treasurer of the Board of Certified Public Accountant organization and is a member of the Public Relation Commission.


Claude Bonivert has great qualities as a leader but like his previous attempt at the presidency, he has not made much of an impact. He has not stated any of his policies and he does appear distant from the average Haitian. Having lived a life of luxury, he is not truly ware of the miseries that the average Haitians face. If he is elected, only time will tell if he can turn the country around. At age 70, he may be a little past his prime. We will let the people decide on August 9, 2015.


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