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Stanley Lucas- Still kissing up failed President Martelly

Stanley Lucas has been the voice behind the presidency for some years but most of what he states is utter nonsense. Having the clout and power of a presidency behind him, Lucas feels that he has given right to criticize, dominate and threaten others.

For years, Stanley Lucas has been trying to establish his own legacy but the truth is that he is deceitful, dishonest and a player of the game of politics. To Stanley Lucas, whoever gives him opportunity, he will be like a puppy trying to please his master. Recently he published some random statistics on popularity of presidential candidates. As always the numbers are fudged to make his own presidential candidates more favorable. The statistics do not mention who was surveyed, where the surveys were done and during what time period. Judging from the popularity of our current president, it is obvious that the numbers are fudged. It is hard to meet one Haitian who thinks that president has done a great job for the country. Everywhere we look, the country is in shambles. Corruption is rampant in the president’s party and above all, no one cares about the average Haitian. Yet all this seems oblivious to Stanley Lucas who continually threatens other journalist who writes disparaging remarks about his chosen party.

Lucas seems to forget we are still democratic and our constitution offers us free speech. Rarely has Lucas ever analyzed the current president’s political history-every time money is exchanged or meetings are held at the president’s home. Lucas wants us to believe that this is all normal. Hiding behind secrecy and lack of transparency, the president appears to have given all the power to Lucas to glorify him. The president so far has been a glorious failure and incompetent at best.

With people like Lucas running his show, the country is headed for more trouble. Haitians should wake up and realize that neither Lucas nor the president have the nation on their mind-both want to control Haiti and stamp out all principles of democracy.


Siam Harris


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